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Oded Farkash

VP Product and MarketingNuloox

Our company decided to rebrand so we searched for a young minded talented design studio to design our new logo, website and other graphic materials.
We met with all the top 4 design studios here in Tel Aviv, and they all were very nice and seemed professional, but their suggested timelines didn't fit our schedule, and let's not talk about the pricing :)
Then finally we met Ron, whom we instantly liked. He asked all the right questions and committed to deliver what we wanted so we hired him for the job.
Ron immediately took over the project and led our re-branding process from the very first introduction meeting in the most professional fashion I had seen by any freelancer in my 15+ years career; Besides the fact that he is extremely talented designer and artist, he's very dedicated, brings a lot of added value with his ideas and suggestions, he instantly gets you and more importantly he's very fun to work with. 
All along the few months project he made us feel like we're his only clients and the outcome was amazing!
I'd strongly recommend working with Ron on

projects at any scale.


Ehud Bendori

CEO3NT Medical

We hooked up with Ron to pull together the first website of 3NT, an Israeli medical device startup. Ron did a great job listening and understanding the subtleties of 3NT vision and through effective brainstorming and creative work led the way to an updated, elegant website design. We were very satisfied with the end results, but not less importantly, we enjoyed working and interacting with Ron.

REVIEA - Elinor

Elinor Maimon

Manager of development and corporate training system L-NET

Ron worked on a design project with our company L-NET Learning technologies.
During the project Ron designed and developed A visual language for an onilne “design course” on one of our platforms (MOOS-Massive online open course), for A client that comes from the industrial design world.
Despite the tight schedule that he faced, Ron managed to complete all of the project's requirements to the utmost satisfaction of our client, and delivered on time. 
Ron showed A large variety of graphic capabilities, An up to date visual and esthetic richness, with A unique ability to communicate the message thrugh his deisgn.
He was highly attentive to the client’s needs and goals, and found A way to convey his ideas to A great design.
We highly recommend working with Ron on any project.

Kari Herman
Owner & creative director


We had the privilege to work with Ron in the design of our new website and marketing designs for our dance studio.  Ron and his designs completely exceeded our expectations and we have received an increase in interest and sales since the launch of the new site, and the release of the new logos.  He was easy to work with and has a unique touch that makes our site and logos stand out from our competitors.  Thank you Juki for your expertise and professionalism on the journey with us!  We are truly grateful, and we'd recommend your work to anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level.


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